Educational version

Schools and academic institutions, we provide free installation of educational versions of our software.
Students are thus provides a practical-oriented education in the modern professional software solution.

Special note compatibility with the BIM model.
BIM stands for "Building Information Modeling", or building information. This process enables earlier decision making, better documentation, improved analysis prior to construction, the beginning and during construction.
All partners benefit from the features of this modeling, as well as up to date, high quality and accessible information about the design, construction, and the current status of the project. The aim is to achieve more accurate and cost-effective design process, design and construction.
GALA is a program that allows you to load 3D models, and using that model development expenditure, the organization (WBS), planning and control execution.
In this way, other than 3D models, provides the data on the quantities of resources (planned, spent should be spent), financial (EVA) and standby time of the project (Gantt, S-curve), and of course the 3D view of the project status.

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