Questions and answers

For further questions and clarifications, feel free to email or call + 381 (0) 64 6182 007

Is there a possibility of a casual presentation of the program?

Of course. This is what we would like. At such a presentation for a period of approx. 1 hour, our worker will show you all of the program's options

Is it possible to work from the remote location (site) data in the office? , if I use the Windows version?

Yes. If you have access to the internet, you can enter for example the realization, payment certificate, work documents, storage, etc.

What are the main benefits of the program?

In a one hand, the program is designed to be easy to use. n the other hand, it covers all important areas that are required to the user could in a short time create high-quality bid. In addition to basic things such as the estimation of cost, using the standards and norm, there are import / export from and to MS Excel (such as the export of complete consumption of materials, input price of the commercial services and import prices in already finished bill of quantities. Also, there are modules that will allow you to plan the time required for execution of work, to follow the planned / spent / certified amounts, to create a payment certificate by clicking the mouse, etc. In particular we emphasise the possibility of project management, which we have done in cooperation with the Civil University of Zagreb.

How is printing covered in the program?

In software there is integrated designer for reports. So you can (with the standard reports that come with the program) change existing or create entirely new reports. In addition, you can receive information in the form of charts, print directly in MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, HTML and other formats. Also, each report can send email directly from the application.

Is it possible to keep Warehouse of material on specific bill of quantities?

Yes. At the warehouse it is possible to define whether the storage water for the project, for the bill of quantities, or regardless of anything (e.g. central warehouse). Also, it is possible to enter an unlimited number of warehouses for the project / bill of quantities, or unrelated to any document.

Our company has specific requirements…

We are ready to update the program according to your needs. For each refinement, we will create a project assignment and match the details. So you are sure to pay what you really need in the agreed time.

In accounting we use one well-known ERP system. Is it possible to connect it with GALA?

Be sure to contact us. Our strategic interests isto connect GALA with leading ERP solutions.

How is planning resolved. Or monitoring implementation and spending of resources?

By making the plan of work, entering the realization of items (which are automatically joined resources, and the operator at any time may intervene). Using the network plan. Entered the data used in the construction book, and view the material consumption as planned - spent - certified.

Is it possible to use the program in other countries, except for Croatia?

The program has a built-in module for the translation, as well as the option of defining different VAT rate, logos, signs of money. With the possibility of creating price list in EUR, KM, DIN, etc. the program is ready for use in any country.

How many users exist in the reference list?

The program is used in more than 240 companies, and the largest users employ over 500 employees. Countries in which the program is used: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Poland, Kuwait.